Release Notes: 0.001

Wow. Just wow. This game has been in the works for over a year now. In the past six months I buckled down so that I could actually finish it. I've been working 6-10 hour days every day since then. Today, June 8th is a day I've been looking forward to/dreading every single day, and now it's finally here. Off into the world with my child!

Since this is version 0.001 (release 1) I won't go through what I've added (seeing as it's everything). What I will go through is what I'm still missing.

I'm missing JoyStick support. HTML5 implementation is still very young and very horrible. Until there's some semblance of cross browser support, that's going to be a TODO. In the meantime, I recommend JoyToKey, a fantastic program that lets you bind buttons to keys. As this was one of the flagship features promised, I apologize for its absence.

I'm missing multiplayer support. This is the really big one. Again this is THE flagship feature promised, but, due to several reasons, it could just not be ready in time. The big issue is that I don't have the money to get multiplayer running. This is a shared server, and running single player games is slow enough on the server end. I can't afford any better at this juncture. Splitscreen is the same issue, as, though it's played locally, input has to be parsed serverside.

Besides those two/three there is very little missing. There are nearly 100 enemies, 50 spells, 30 in-game books, 9(?) procedural generation algorithms, 35 spawns, etc. The game is really big. While I very sincerely apologize for the absence of the above features, I hope you will play it anyway. Developing this game has been a great pleasure, as it has always been fun to test and play. I think you will agree. ... as to why I am releasing it on time and unfinished rather than late and finished: that's what big developers do, and it sucks. I'm releasing into Alpha because it's very playable, but still needs work.

After I take a few weeks off, I'm going to get back into gear and get working on 0.002. Please use the bug tracker to submit issues you run into as you play. Otherwise, GLHF.